Who wrote Tom and the water babies?

The Water Babies (illustrated by Linley Sambourne), Macmillan & Co., London 1885
Author Charles Kingsley
Genre Satire
Published London: Macmillan, 1863
Media type Book

Who wrote The Water Babies?

Чарльз Кингсли

Do as you would be done by water babies?

Be-Done-By-As-You-Did, who visits the water-babies on Fridays. When pleased with them, she gives “them all sorts of nice sea-things–sea-cakes, sea-apples, sea-oranges, sea-bullseyes, sea-toffee; and to the very best of all she gave sea-ices, made out of sea-cows’ cream, which never melt under water.”

When was the water babies first published?


What did Tom’s master do every day of the week?

He cried when he had to climb the dark flues, rubbing his poor knees and elbows raw; and when the soot got into his eyes, which it did every day in the week; and when his master beat him, which he did every day in the week; and when he had not enough to eat, which happened every day in the week likewise.

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How does the water babies end?

Grimes, his old master, drowns as well, and in his final adventure, Tom travels to the end of the world to attempt to help the man where he is being punished for his misdeeds. Tom helps Grimes to find repentance, and Grimes will be given a second chance if he can successfully perform a final penance.

What was a water baby?

1A tiny childlike being who inhabits the water in, or in allusion to, Charles Kingsley’s book The Water-babies (1863; serial publication 1862–3). 2A person who is likened to such a creature, as being happy or adept in or on the water; especially a person, especially a child, who loves swimming.

Do as would be done by?

Treat and respect others as you would hope to be respected and treated by them.

How do you make a water baby?

You will need to boil the tap water first and then let it cool down. Water for babies over 6 months doesn’t need to be boiled. Bottled water isn’t recommended for making up infant formula feeds as it may contain too much salt (sodium) or sulphate.

Where was the water babies filmed?

It was filmed on location in Yorkshire, England in November 1976. Primarily based at Denton Hall, Wharfedale, early scenes are filmed in the city of York.

Why does St Clare feel that with Eva’s death he has lost everything?

Clare feels that he has lost everything that was important to him because he had done everything for Eva’s sake. Now that she is dead, St. Clare senses a loss in purpose.

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Who is Topsy in Uncle Tom’s Cabin?

Topsy, fictional character, a slave child in the antislavery novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852) by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

When St Clare dies before writing up the papers to free Tom who buys Tom at auction?

Clare dies unexpectedly before freeing the slaves, his wife sells the slaves at public auction. Uncle Tom is bought by the villainous Simon Legree. In the moving culmination of the deathbed scene, Little Eva points to the heavens, and here Stowe picks up the text. Autograph Quotation Signed, March 30, 1894.

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